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Oral Health Continuing Education Class for School Nurses

The School Nurse Continuing Education Class is divided up into two sessions.

Session 1:

3300 Form Dental Screening and Oral Health Basics  (1 hour)
  • National and State data on oral disease
  • Association between educational success and healthy children
  • Patterning the oral examination to ensure all areas are examined
  • Supplies needed for screenings
  • Infection control techniques for screening
Basics on Oral Health
  • Normal Oral Structures- Teeth and Gums
  • Infection control for dental exams
  • Eruption Schedule
  • Cavity formation
  • Transmission of the bacteria that cause decay
  • When to refer
  • Community resources
  • Common oral health problems in the school environment

Session 2:

Dental Emergencies Oral Disease Prevention  (1 hour)
  • Emergency dental supplies- The Dental First Aid Kit
  • Classifying level of dental services needed-Emergency/Early Dental Care/Routine Dental Needs
  • When is a dental problem an emergency
  • Common variances from the norm- identifying developmental or non-critical gingival or dental problems
  • Identifying abscesses and significant dental emergency concerns
  • Oral lesions- herpetic/traumatic/aphthous- How do you know the difference?
  • Cellulitis and other immediate emergency concerns
Oral Disease Prevention
  • Key Components in Oral Disease Prevention
  • Newest research and recommendations for oral disease

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